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Category Archives: Winning

The Obama Constant

This constant promised to fixe multiple problems now, and everything in the future. As such, it was given the only fitting name:The Obama Constant


Why the Sheep Thowers Need Money

Ha. OReilly hates sheep. Now, as Tim finally sighs and realizes that the “platform” is really about cheap thrills rather than serious thinking, as he realizes that the next wave of intelligent apps isn’t coming to facebook or the web, he throws his spawn 2.0 under the bus. Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski And […]

Our Premium Content Service Works! 100K views and growing

Fanflows easy to use premium content service helps artists pay the bills with a new approach to digital assets for sale.

The Profit Equation of Twitter-style Messages

Money is the new message. Twitter-style services can solve the profit equation by helping others make money.

Free? Why Not Better?

Twitter’s down again. Oh, duh. This time when twitter went down, Dare and Om were kind enough to link to an earlier post I had made where I guessed about Twitter’s messaging trouble and floated an idea for a twitter proxy. Thanks for mentioning us guys. But, what about this proxy idea? it’s so easy […]

dropping science dropping it all over

As they say, March is a funny old month, isn’t it? Everything is changing, renewing and starting afresh. Before we embarked on the Great Simplification Makeover in our feature-laden reader, we decided to take a quick detour and see what we could learn in the name of science, exploration and discovery. Like bumping around the […]

Social reading is a win

There have been some interesting posts by the A-team about the desire to form small groups (aka “friends”) and share interesting articles they find. * Dave Winer wants an editorial system where only a select group of people contribute to the “shared” items. * Robert Scoble agrees that a few good people can make a […]

2000 feeds strong

Good news. Our feed reader component is now really fast at importing huge OPML files, and provides a great user experience, even if you have 2000 feeds. Score 1 for persistence. In competitive testing, we managed to crash other readers, including GR. Importing ~15 assets for each of those 2000 feeds still takes some time, […]

For the Win: Oktoberfest 2007

History will judge this trip overall as either a win or a fail, but instead of working on our little project, we went to Munich for Oktoberfest. Actually, we would have been drinking in Palo Alto anyway, so from a budget perspective, we went to Oktoberfest 2007 instead of TechCrunch 99+1. Oh, yeah, that’s a […]