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Category Archives: twitter

The Profit Equation of Twitter-style Messages

Money is the new message. Twitter-style services can solve the profit equation by helping others make money.


Free? Why Not Better?

Twitter’s down again. Oh, duh. This time when twitter went down, Dare and Om were kind enough to link to an earlier post I had made where I guessed about Twitter’s messaging trouble and floated an idea for a twitter proxy. Thanks for mentioning us guys. But, what about this proxy idea? it’s so easy […]

dropping science dropping it all over

As they say, March is a funny old month, isn’t it? Everything is changing, renewing and starting afresh. Before we embarked on the Great Simplification Makeover in our feature-laden reader, we decided to take a quick detour and see what we could learn in the name of science, exploration and discovery. Like bumping around the […]

Twitter-proxy: Any Interest?

————— Update:Over 100,000 paying subscriber views on our premium content service. —————- The stories of twitter going down frequently don’t need repeating here. Instead, I want to ask the community if there is any interest in addressing the problem. As many are aware, Twitter’s problem with scaling is not RoR, it’s not Joyent NTT, or […]