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Category Archives: premium content

Why News Should Adopt the High Tech Business Model

The high-tech business model is ideal for news: expensive at first, cheaper and free later. Information, after all wants to be both free and expensive. The high tech business model lets you have both.


The Golden Rule: Why Fans Trump Ads

Raise your hand if you like free, ad-supported content. Good, just about everyone. Now raise your hand if you would like Kelloggs and Procter and Gamble to control all your media and entertainment choices. Oh, not so much? Every time I read another post about the inexorable march toward 100% ad-supported content, etc., I remember […]

Premium Content for Webcomics

Popular / prominent webcomic artists are discovering Assetbar Fanflows for premium content on their blogs and websites.

Our Premium Content Service Works! 100K views and growing

Fanflows easy to use premium content service helps artists pay the bills with a new approach to digital assets for sale.