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Category Archives: Google

onmousedown handler: chrome vs. firefox

Google uses different onmousedown handlers for Firefox and Chrome when they are beaming click information back to the mothership. Why?


Security Alert: GMAIL Session ID Design

I’ve never really bothered to look into GMAIL security because I figured, hey, it’s Google. They generally know what they’re doing. But after reading this, and living though my own experiences with my gmail account getting hacked, it made me question Google’s decision-making process. “Here’s the exploit: All it takes to steal someone’s Gmail login […]

Who knows TCP/IP?

This image was originally an HTML page by friend had made back in the day. I wanted to see it again and started to do search: How many entries do you think Google has for “who know TCP/IP“? 1,942,321? 3,213,798? 25,000? Nope. More like 6. And of course chris’s meisterwork was not among among them. […]

GReader’s “Shared Items” is Awesome

Duncan Riley writes a post over on techcrunch saying that “So-called link blogs in Reader already break copyright and in a small way undermine blogs and content creators. ” What? Republishing syndicated content is breaking copyright law? C’mon, it’s not like techcrunch to sound like a crotchty old man who is wrong. “RSS is an […]