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Protected: How Google could fail before Newspapers

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Why News Should Adopt the High Tech Business Model

The high-tech business model is ideal for news: expensive at first, cheaper and free later. Information, after all wants to be both free and expensive. The high tech business model lets you have both.

The Golden Rule: Why Fans Trump Ads

Raise your hand if you like free, ad-supported content. Good, just about everyone. Now raise your hand if you would like Kelloggs and Procter and Gamble to control all your media and entertainment choices. Oh, not so much? Every time I read another post about the inexorable march toward 100% ad-supported content, etc., I remember […]

Premium Content for Webcomics

Popular / prominent webcomic artists are discovering Assetbar Fanflows for premium content on their blogs and websites.

The Obama Constant

This constant promised to fixe multiple problems now, and everything in the future. As such, it was given the only fitting name:The Obama Constant

Our Innate Interest in NEW

Liking the NEW is innate. Personalization can help us discover more new content on blogs and keep us engaged.

Building Signal vs. Filtering Noise

Marshall Kirkpatrick over at Read Write Web is on to something again. “In a world more swamped with content options every day, recommendation technology is poised to make a huge difference in our experience online.”   The part which caught my attention is that recommending is very different than the filtering. And I happen to […]

onmousedown handler: chrome vs. firefox

Google uses different onmousedown handlers for Firefox and Chrome when they are beaming click information back to the mothership. Why?

Why the Sheep Thowers Need Money

Ha. OReilly hates sheep. Now, as Tim finally sighs and realizes that the “platform” is really about cheap thrills rather than serious thinking, as he realizes that the next wave of intelligent apps isn’t coming to facebook or the web, he throws his spawn 2.0 under the bus. Your revolution is over, Mr. Lebowski And […]

Security Alert: GMAIL Session ID Design

I’ve never really bothered to look into GMAIL security because I figured, hey, it’s Google. They generally know what they’re doing. But after reading this, and living though my own experiences with my gmail account getting hacked, it made me question Google’s decision-making process. “Here’s the exploit: All it takes to steal someone’s Gmail login […]