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Who writes this?

This is assetbar’s devblog.

We’re a group of stanford folks who are working on a new set of technologies for discovering, consuming, and monetizing media. We started our previous company in 2000, and it was bought by Juniper Networks in 2005. We did some neat things with HTTP multiplexing, loadbalancing, compression, and efficient data rewriting and ssl.

We’ve been working on ambitious new database platform/system architecture for the last few years and it’s starting to bear fruit.  

For a few months now, the commerce part has been up and running, so we’re able to give artists a way to persue their craft plus pay the bills.  That’s pretty rewarding. Our next push is a form of massive personalization, and tools for publishers.  That should be pretty exciting. 

I hope we’ll be able to help lots of folks out with this project.

Cheers, and thanks for visiting!

-Israel L’Heureux

updated Jan, ’09


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