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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Security Alert: GMAIL Session ID Design

I’ve never really bothered to look into GMAIL security because I figured, hey, it’s Google. They generally know what they’re doing. But after reading this, and living though my own experiences with my gmail account getting hacked, it made me question Google’s decision-making process. “Here’s the exploit: All it takes to steal someone’s Gmail login […]

Westergren thinks Pandora not worth 42 cents per month(?)

Pandora’s numbers don’t make sense to me. Have you done the math? Have I done it correctly? Users LOVE Pandora, but their CEO Tim Westergren says the outrageous fees being charged by sound exchange will shut them down. If Pandora sold end users licenses, a $5 pack would get you over 10,000 listens. Take a […]

Tech news is slow today