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Our Premium Content Service Works! 100K views and growing

Win for achewood

Last night, Achewood’s Fanflow crested 100,000 asset views by paying subscribers. We’re only getting started, but this milestone indicates that the new model works: Fanflows can help artists pay the rent with a new approach to selling digital assets.

Love what you do? Sorry, do something else to get paid

In the past, it had never been easy for artists, musicians or web-comic artists to help pay their rent or mortgage directly from their online content. Instead, the model was to make the online content free, then try to earn a living from selling physical goods.

If you haven’t done that yourself, you might think that selling TShirts or self-published books is a pretty good gig. But you’d be wrong. Dealing with design, production, and manufacturing of physical goods is demanding and time consuming.

Then after making a product, putting it forsale on [semi?]-custom web store that accepts credits cards, you get to write shipping labels by hand, or futz with avery labels, MS Excel and that old injet printer. And do you like making trips to the post office? Shipping anything sucks.

Artists are not supply chain experts

All that is hard enough to manage when you’re trying to be creative, but you’re not quite done yet. Please solve the following simultaneous equations for each tshirt you sell:

“How many of x-sizes of y-colors of z-designs do you stock so you a) don’t upset customers with long lead times and b)don’t tie up your rent money in inventory costs.”

At the very least, selling physical is expensive, tedious, time-consuming and steals from the creative process.

1995 Wants Their Email List Back

Sorry Jason, but they’re right: email blasts are old, one-way technology.

But a Fanflow is something new and shiny. Fanflows easily lets stars create a subscriber-only area to better connect with fans. Subscribers get the star’s messages on their phone, email or web inbox. Fans can interact with each other in the Owners Circle, and vote up the best comments. Stars can include images, mp3’s whatever.

Chris Onstad calls his store “a directory of content available only to subscribers. It’s like iTunes, but without all the Bono Christmas songs! (Or any other songs.)”


screenshot of achewood fanflow

While congratulations to Chris Onstad are in order–someone had to be first to use our new Fanflow product, and be the first with compelling content to reach 100K views–I want to make sure the Achewood fans out there know how much we love them too. In fact, subscribers will soon be seeing a questionnaire thingy where you can tell us what you want from Assetbar next. Stay tuned.

This is going to be a fun ride!

P.S. Which star will be the first to get a million premium subscriber views?

Update: Achewood has been paying his mortagage from assetbar fanflow premium content service. And he’s well over a million views: Check out his premium content store


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