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Coming up for air here just to let everyone know how excited I am about our progress. We’re getting ready to bust out some amazing action.

Our first beta products demonstrated our scalable database technology. Next we showed off a two week implementation of twitter–on the same distributed db platform with built-in scaling. (BTW, I do hope the Twitter folks can fix their site soon. Rip out the guts and start over with a good architecture. We have an existence proof that approach works.)

But now it’s getting really , really exciting, because we’re about to show off our platform as it was initially conceived.

Getting our progress on

The architecture and design discussions from 2 years ago are still crystal clear in my head, as are the struggles we had with packaging the technology. “How can we do this in a way that isn’t too complicated? How can it be easy and make sense for users?”

Along the way, we’ve seen other efforts to attack this monster; none with success. This is a beast. From our position, their short comings (and ours) were apparent, and we knew we weren’t ready to win.

Even a year ago, we still were unsure exactly how to package, or productize our technology, so we experimented in some other areas to gain experience.

That experience (and our own knocks) has certainly paid off, because now we are finding a way to package, to productize our initial ideas. And I’m super excited because this time feels different. It feels like it will work.

We learned our lesson about over-featurizing, for sure, so our plan is to start with a modest release.

It’s been another wonderfully productive day, so it’s time to hit the sack.



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  1. Out Wrong
    Posted May 24, 2008 at 10:04 am | Permalink

    I like the thought of Twitter ripping its own guts out. I nominate y’all to help!

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