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Monthly Archives: February 2008


  Some of you aren’t getting fresh posts in your feeds as we update servers, add more machines and generally re-jigger our back end from old style to new style.  Thanks for your patience. Advertisements

What I am doing now

Found this cartoon in a mostly uninteresting New Yorker article on Google. And while it’s not surprising, I did learn that Google has rallied some big name talent to their washington dc team: By the end of 2007, Google’s overriding concern was that it avoid comparisons to the Microsoft of 2000. “No question that people […]

See us at the Plugg Conference in Belgium

OK, folks. Especially if you’re reading this from Europe, it’s time to register for the Plugg conference! March 19, 2008 | Le Plaza, Brussels We’ve been accepted as one of the startups who will get a chance to pitch the audience and see if they want to hear more. Plug is a one-day web20 type […]

Lots to learn

Simplify. No special Valentines Day image here folks–we need to simplify. Duh, I know it’s best to start with feature A, and forget B, C, and D. But I’m a feature junkie and I suck at staying simple. I always blurt out “If we can do A and B, then why not add C and […]

Twitter-proxy: Any Interest?

————— Update:Over 100,000 paying subscriber views on our premium content service. —————- The stories of twitter going down frequently don’t need repeating here. Instead, I want to ask the community if there is any interest in addressing the problem. As many are aware, Twitter’s problem with scaling is not RoR, it’s not Joyent NTT, or […]

They Still Put Cocaine In Breakfast Cereal

You know you like the Google Reader’s river view and J-Key. So yeah, we got that now for Safari and FF. Pour another bowl of cereal and keep reading. Like the great engineers over at Google Reader, we’ve decided to pre-fetch some assets off screen, and mark them read only when they become visible in […]