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From 0 to 100,000

There are plenty of blog posts in the world.

In the first 5 hours, with just a handful of intrepid pre-release users QA testers, we added 100,000 assets to the system.

That’s quite a bit for the first few hours, but we’re still small potatoes: Paul Querna commented that Bloglines gets 5-7M new posts every 24 hours, or about 10-15X our current rate. Still, it’s encouraging to see that the basic architecture is working well, and I’ll gently forecast that…no, on second thought, I’ll keep my mouth shut and get some work done.

Do you have what plants crave?

Right now we’re working to speed up Javascripts, and lower the CPU and latency in validating feeds.

Bug update: We had some problematic issues with some posts that published in a blog, but shared on Google Reader, then published with Feedburner. We weren’t figuring out the original, original source correctly. We try to avoid multiple copies of same asset, even if it is published via multiple sources. Duplicates are boring to users, they screw up asset stats, and waste disk space. Still, if you syndicate your content though too many services which subtly change the content we might not be able to de-dupe it properly. But now WE won’t see logfile errors and now YOU can have the feed validators running again. And they’ll be faster.

Happy viewing.

This post brought to you by:

2001 Kientzler Riesling (Geisberg) Alsace Grand Cru

I think Kietzler’s got electrolytes. It’s got what plants crave.


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