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Pre-Launch delayed: Bugs to Blame

To those of you who read Louis Gray’s post (I Have Seen the Future of Social RSS Feed Readers) or have contacted us directly, I apologize for our pre-launch delay.

Our delay isn’t due to hardware failure, though we had that on Monday. It’s not even software failure, though I’m sure we’ll have plenty of broken parts.  In the end, we got knocked out by bugs. A virus, actually.

Today is the second day in the hospital with our newborn who has RSV / Bronchiolitis. When big kids get it, they are sick and have what looks like a cold and very runny nose. When infants get it, it clogs their airways and they can’t breathe. That’s bad.  And that means you put everything else on hold–including prelaunching some crazy software.

Unfortunately, there’s no medication. The good news is that the condition is rather manageable with around-the-clock monitoring and care. We get to come home when our daughter can make it though the night with no O2 boost, which will hopefully be before Christmas.

So to those waiting for the Assetbar release, thank you for being patient. Have a happy holiday, and we’ll catch you when we’re all on our feet again.



P.S. The nurses and doctors at Stanford Children’s Hospital are completely awesome. The chairs are terrible, but the staff rules.

Also, I have to remember to add a pic of the PHILIPS monitoring system “with portal technology” when I get home. Interesting dashboard UI. Too bad iflickr is failing me now.


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  1. normob
    Posted December 21, 2007 at 6:34 am | Permalink

    Don’t rush, Israel — we can wait, erm, another few hours!

    Hope your little one will be healthy again soon.

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