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2000 feeds strong

Good news.

Our feed reader component is now really fast at importing huge OPML files, and provides a great user experience, even if you have 2000 feeds. Score 1 for persistence.

In competitive testing, we managed to crash other readers, including GR. Importing ~15 assets for each of those 2000 feeds still takes some time, but fetching and replicating 30,000 assets don’t come for free.

Since we can now support huge numbers of feeds, it means that even Scoble will be able to use our reader. Dude is reading 1000 assets a day, from 600-ish feeds. That’s the man.

I wish other readers supported exporting all your activity; it would be easy for him to switch to us. We will also include an export function, because your data is yours. Should something better than Assetbar come along, we want our users to be able to switch.


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  1. louismg
    Posted November 29, 2007 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    That sounds great. So… when do I get access to this excellent tool?

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