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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Social reading is a win

There have been some interesting posts by the A-team about the desire to form small groups (aka “friends”) and share interesting articles they find. * Dave Winer wants an editorial system where only a select group of people contribute to the “shared” items. * Robert Scoble agrees that a few good people can make a […]

2000 feeds strong

Good news. Our feed reader component is now really fast at importing huge OPML files, and provides a great user experience, even if you have 2000 feeds. Score 1 for persistence. In competitive testing, we managed to crash other readers, including GR. Importing ~15 assets for each of those 2000 feeds still takes some time, […]

Where’d that go?

I deleted a bunch of past posts that weren’t fun. No more whining or complaining from this soapbox, even if I’ll lose both readers. It probably won’t make this blog fun in the absolute sense (we’ll leave that to assetbar proper), but for the long term this blog is going to stay positive. Hopefully, there […]