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For the Win: Oktoberfest 2007

History will judge this trip overall as either a win or a fail, but instead of working on our little project, we went to Munich for Oktoberfest. Actually, we would have been drinking in Palo Alto anyway, so from a budget perspective, we went to Oktoberfest 2007 instead of TechCrunch 99+1.

Oh, yeah, that’s a win.

Not getting anything done for a week? Fail.

Base 6 counting? Win

Losing count before the end? Fail

Phone picture quality? Fail.

Taking the right pictures? Fail

Overall (Preliminary): Win

Photos start at our Munich hotel, sometime around 8PM. It’s not a gang sign. It’s drink #7. Good start, boys.

7th beer

Moving to a Orlando, #’s 8 and 9:


Gotta break the seal:

Did not find this on ebay

Back to business: 10,11,12

10 1112

Change of location. This phone camera isn’t so hot.

no idea

This is definitely schrannenhalle, and#15

This is the disco downstairs. This picture represents the low light and the vodka red bull.

who knows?

Then, at 6 AM, back to the hotel. Bar is closed. Breakfast not open. What to do?

Gas station, for the win. Sandwiches and a couple of Augustiners!

losing count

Day Two (kind of)
6 hours sleep and ready to go. If only we got so much rest on our normal dev schedule. Welcome to a breakfast of weisswurste (tasty baby veal sausage. very tender and young. Did I mention they’re delicious?) and Weissbier.

Picture says 20.

Then, on to the big evening. This is the entrance to the grounds. Hit it here around 4. We get into our reserved table sometime between 5 and 6. A few people here are ready to drink.

dig the american track suit

Inside our tent. About 7,000 people here. The larger tents hold more.

from the reserved top floor

Getting down to business:

21, 22, 23, 24 but the unit size is now liters. Yes, challenges are great.

Begin the fail
At this point, counting is lost. Really, why count? After 6 solid hours of merrymaking, we went and drove the bumpercars. Now that’s good fun. Only in Germany are they smart enough to have bumper cars waiting for you after 6 power hours of drinking. Congratulations, Germany. You win.

I have no idea who these people are. I wonder why they stood in front of my camera?

Who are you?

The next day. Win.

Walked too far home, but the next day was even prettier than the picture looks. Seahaus biergarten:

Since we all but gave up counting yesterday, all we could do is take some pics and hope to piece it together after the fact. Fail.

ooops, too late winning, again

Annnd, Hofbrau… for the win:

was really Pauliner in a HB glass

That was it. A few beers and wine at a friends house, then back to the plane again.

Germany didn’t want me to bring anything back.

8 downstairs toilets.  That's PRO. Airbus have big toilets. Win.


Thanks again, uncov, for making it so simple about either wins or fails.


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