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Monthly Archives: October 2007

The Radiated Library

OK, so Paul Otlet (1868-1944) rocked it harder. At the turn of the century, he created the UDC and the mundaneum – a universal catalog of all documented knowledge. If that’s not enough, holmes contemplated multimedia and universal search. Watch this video (4996 views), and keep in mind that he made it actually work almost […]

Social Graph? Attention Profiles are more Valuable

A few weeks back, our man in Europe, Philipp Kehler gave this presentation to the good folks at the stream2007 conference Athens. If you haven’t heard of the streams before, it’s well worth checking out: lots of smart people came together and had a great time. We talked about Attention profiles. With all the hub-bub […]

Who knows TCP/IP?

This image was originally an HTML page by friend had made back in the day. I wanted to see it again and started to do search: How many entries do you think Google has for “who know TCP/IP“? 1,942,321? 3,213,798? 25,000? Nope. More like 6. And of course chris’s meisterwork was not among among them. […]

The Future of Music: 4 Keys

It’s a semi-ridiculous premise to state that because the marginal cost of reproduction approaches $0.00, then songs should cost that much, too. Markets are more efficient if the price more closely reflects the VALUE to the purchaser, not the replication cost. But efficiency is almost beside the point. The challenge of pricing songs trips up […]

For the Win: Oktoberfest 2007

History will judge this trip overall as either a win or a fail, but instead of working on our little project, we went to Munich for Oktoberfest. Actually, we would have been drinking in Palo Alto anyway, so from a budget perspective, we went to Oktoberfest 2007 instead of TechCrunch 99+1. Oh, yeah, that’s a […]