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More data is more bettah

Steve Rubel has a great post that shows how Data Mining Google Reader Feeds for Trends can yield new insights. He gives plenty of interesting examples of data you can extract today, and it should help kick start people to ask for more data. In some cases the data is there, but we don’t have access to it. In other cases, we’re generating and capturing enormous amounts of data that we can’t intelligently process or interpret.  Hmm. Opportunity, anyone?

Jeff Jonas has a great post about this called Why Faster Systems Can Make Organizations Dumber Faster. A catchy title for sure, but typical of Jeff’s posts, it contains a lot of meat. He effectively argues that faster systems enable more data collection, but the sense-making algorithms aren’t keeping up. Hence, we’re getting dumber and dumber relative to what we could be knowing.

I’m looking forward to the industry moving forward beyond just search, and offer more sense-making algorithms that are accessible to users. It’s their data, after, so don’t just squirrel it away in a log file and hope to analyze it in the future.

Afterall, the future will have enough other projects to keep us all busy…

Happy Friday!

Cocktail of today:

Maker’s Mark & Coke.

Not tough to mix: Fill an old fashioned with about 5 or 6 ice cubes. A Costco handle Makers is about 30 bucks, so you can do a 5 or 6 sec pour, and top with Coke. A slice of lime is critical to “elevating the drink’s rhyme”.

Haven’t been getting much sleep lately, so the caffeine is a welcome boost. Also, too much beer makes me fat.


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