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Dave Winer, funny?

I’ve never met him, but people have described Dave Winer as variously a rabble-rouser, visionary, free-thinker, polemicist, hacker (the good kind) or all of them wrapped together. I’m one of the 2200 folks following dave over on twitter, and I usually get the same impression.

But funny?

So imagine you are sitting in the TechCrunch20, TechCrunch40, TechCrunch39+1, TechCrunch40 with 99 more in the demo pit. Possibly extended coverage by CrunchGear. That’s a loooonnnng conference. I got tired just writing it. No matter how good the companies are, you just can’t like all of them.

You and I? We’d doze off. But Dave is ever the entrepreneur, and looks for something more interesting to help Arrington grow the business. It would be nothing without the title: “bing“.

Cheers, Dave!


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