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Monthly Archives: September 2007

More data is more bettah

Steve Rubel has a great post that shows how Data Mining Google Reader Feeds for Trends can yield new insights. He gives plenty of interesting examples of data you can extract today, and it should help kick start people to ask for more data. In some cases the data is there, but we don’t have […]

Dave Winer, funny?

I’ve never met him, but people have described Dave Winer as variously a rabble-rouser, visionary, free-thinker, polemicist, hacker (the good kind) or all of them wrapped together. I’m one of the 2200 folks following dave over on twitter, and I usually get the same impression. But funny? So imagine you are sitting in the TechCrunch20, […]

GReader’s “Shared Items” is Awesome

Duncan Riley writes a post over on techcrunch saying that “So-called link blogs in Reader already break copyright and in a small way undermine blogs and content creators. ” What? Republishing syndicated content is breaking copyright law? C’mon, it’s not like techcrunch to sound like a crotchty old man who is wrong. “RSS is an […]